Laparoscopic Treatment

Smaller incisions are created during surgery with laparoscopy than you may expect. The laparoscope, a thin device with a tiny camera and light on the end, gives the operation its name. A surgeon may view what is happening inside of you on a video display after putting it into your body through a tiny cut. The medical team's accuracy can be enhanced by technology. Laparoscopic surgery performed using a robot starts with the physician making a skin incision and inserting the camera as usual. They put up the mechanical arms of a robot rather than grabbing the surgical tools. They then proceed to a nearby computer. We have one of the Best laparoscopic surgeon in New Delhi. Many surgeons believe that robotic surgery is incredibly useful when doing gynecologic and urological procedures on patients who are quite heavy. Robots are used in most prostate removal procedures. The monitor shows the surgeon a magnified, 3-D, high-resolution image of the inside of the body while robotic surgery.

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  • Your scars are smaller
  • You leave the hospital sooner
  • The scars will heal more quickly and with less pain for you
  • You return sooner to your regular activities
  • You might not have as many inside scars.

    Operation Method

    Our Doctor Specialist Doctor Kapil Dev who is one of the Best laparoscopic surgeon in New Delhi. According to him the type of procedure, laparoscopy can be done under local or general anaesthesia. The laparoscope is placed into the abdominal cavity following the creation of the incision, which is often performed near the navel. The abdominal wall is then divided from the underlying organs by gas, either carbon dioxide or nitrous oxide. Examining the internal organs is now simpler as a result. To gain access to additional surgical tools, such as a laser, one to three more incisions may be necessary.

    After Laparoscopy

    What follows a laparoscopy, then? You may experience some soreness near the incisions. Your shoulder's tip may hurt a little. The gas that had been pumped within inflamed the diaphragm, which shares a nerve supply with the shoulder tip, and this is what causes the problem. This discomfort soon goes away. Depending on the procedure's purpose and the operations that were carried out, recovery times can vary. In Our clinic We Provide the best treatment with our laparoscopic surgeon in New Delhi.