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The term Proctology refers to varied surgical procedures performed on the colon, anus, and rectum. Medical professionals performing such procedures are referred to as coloproctologists or colorectal surgeons. These surgeons treat various disorders like anal fissures (abnormal tears or cracks within the patient’s anus), birth defects within the anus or colon, swelling and inflammation of veins in the rectum (also referred to as haemorrhoids), anorectal fistulas (passageways that connect different parts of the anorectal area to the surface of the skin), faecal incontinence, colon and rectal cancers, anal or rectal prolapse, diverticular disease, diverticulitis, anus and other birth defects, Crohn’s disease and other severe colic disorders, and anal cancer.

Modern surgical techniques include lasers, RFA, Staples and Harmonic Technology.