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Laser Treatment For Piles

The recommended treatment for those who have the illness is to integrate a high-fiber diet and stay away from processed foods. The diet needs to be developed to lower the chances of constipation. The diet should always include entire grains, veggies, fruits, etc. A fibre supplement may also be suggested by the doctor. You must see our doctor for laser treatment for piles in New Delhi. Water consumption should not be overlooked in lieu of diet. At least 6-7 glasses of water must be consumed each day. You can take warm showers to ease the pain and irritation in the area as well as to minimise the swelling. Petroleum jelly applied gently to the affected region can also be helpful.

best laser treatment for piles

Can piles be treated non-surgically?

As per our doctor Kapil Dev who is specialist for laser treatment for piles in New Delhi. Small haemorrhoids frequently go away on their own, with home remedies, and with a change in lifestyle. However, you should visit a doctor if you are experiencing issues or consequences including bleeding, infection, faecal impaction, or incredibly painful or unpleasant symptoms. By carefully analyzing you, a doctor who specialist in piles can rule out other possible causes of bowel bleeding, such as colon or anal cancer.

Various Advantages Of Laser Pile Treatment For Patients

  • Non-painful process
  • No downtime is necessary following the procedure.
  • Little bleeding
  • Rapid process
  • Performed in a daycare setting
  • No possibility of incontinence
  • More about Treatment of Piles

    Surgery is frequently the only effective treatment for piles. As it involves cutting tissues in the afflicted area, numerous sutures, and follow-up visits to the clinic even after a successful procedure, the piles surgery has a reputation for being incredibly unpleasant. As per doctor Kapil Dev who is one of the best doctor for laser treatment for piles in New Delhi. But thanks to technological innovation, this aspect of piles surgery has undergone a complete transformation. Large piles are now surgically treated with staples, which causes far less pain and discomfort. Laser therapy is another, even more effective method of treating haemorrhoids.

    According to Dr. Vikrant Diddi, one of the best doctor for laser treatment for piles in New Delhi, Hemorrhoids, which are swollen and inflamed anal tissues, are burned and reduced during laser surgery for piles or haemorrhoids. The surgeon directs a focused, small beam of light onto the tissues, which disrupts the blood supply and causes the tissues to fall off. There is no pain or blood associated with the noninvasive process. The majority of times, piles laser surgery is carried out as a daycare treatment, allowing for patient discharge the following day. Following surgery, recovery is typically quick and painless. Hemorrhoids or piles are a prevalent problem that many people experience worldwide.